Assignment [2]:

Assignment [1]:

The students

(1) researched and found existing examples of “Smell – Life – Technology”. They did not have to be something digital, but had to be something surprising, innovative, and interesting.  

(2) made short presentations using their own blog site: max. 5 min per person.



(3) made graphical notes on blank papers.

The notes made by me (Maki Ueda):




The notes made by students:




Smell, Life and Technology

Maki Ueda

Willem de Kooning Art Academy / Crosslab / Lifestyle and Design 
April 2010

7 April

- Introduction about my self – slide-show of my work
- Discussion – ‘what does smell mean to your life?’
- Brief introduction to smell and technology
- Assignment [1]: Research and find an interesting, existing example of “Smell – Life – Technology”. It does not necessarily use the digital technology, but it should be something surprising, innovative, and interesting.  You can use the internet as resources.

Explain briefly on your blog-site what it is about, and also why you got interested in it.  Make a presentation the next week with using your blog.

Presentation time: 3 to 5 min per person
Language: English (good chance to exercise this for you and me!)