Now and then I give ORIGAMI WORKSHOPS at the art academies. The workshop is intended to give inspirations in relation to e-craft and smart textiles.


2009 @ Willem de Kooning Art Academy (Crsslab)

2012 @ Willem de Kooning Art Academy (Smart Textiles)


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Origami Workshop and Arduino Motor Control

On 14 February, we’re very lucky to have Maki Ueda join us to show us the basics of paper folding and origami. We’ll also look at different ways that textiles can move, including an introduction to using motors with Arduino.

What we’ll do:

  • Paper folding and origami workshop with Maki Ueda
  • A first look at Arduino and motors
  • Discuss other ways textiles can move

What to bring:

Please bring some paper to fold, plus a different kind of textile for experimentation – fabric, plastic, etc.

Links from Maki:

Inspiration and related links:


The video from the lesson is online – you can watch it here.