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Collaboration with inframance, inc.  Five different textures of tonic and milk offer the users sensitivities for skin and touch. 


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An olfactory artist Maki Ueda developed for the fragrance of [tilde_] with the image of "skin tone".  It is not too sweet, somewhat dear, and transparent. In the old Japanese language, there was no clear division in expressions for the color and the smell.  For example the word "niou (fragrant)" meant not only smelling nice, but also meant that the color of "beni" looks vibrant. (The color is in between red, pink and orange). There is a perfect example in the oldest poem book "Manyoshu" edited more than 1000 years ago.  The poem is about the beauty of a woman who is standing under a peach tree.  The pink color of the blossoms is reflected on the chin of the woman.  He says that the skin color of her chin is "niou (fragrant)".   Such unique Japanese sensitivity, somewhat synesthetic, became the starting point for the "skin tone scent". 

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