If you wish to be updated with my activities, please send me an email to olfactoryart [at] gmail.com  

I will then add you to my ML that I issue 2-3 times a year.

年に2〜3回のペースで、活動報告のメールをお送りしています。MLへの登録ご希望の方は olfactoryart [at] gmail.com


Maki tweets too!

makiueda Smelling Can Make You a Better Scholar and a More Sociable Human Being - If You Educate Your Nostrils… https://t.co/EP0LQY6WW7
makiueda Opening starts at 18:00 on the Fri 2nd of Mar! #boro exhibition. #olfactoryart #嗅覚アート 場所:… https://t.co/PJYu1eMCWS
makiueda On the 2nd of Mar, opening of my small installation at ATSUKOBAROUH in Shibuya TOKYO. 18:00-
makiueda I’ll be participating the Experimental Scent Summit in London on the 18th and 19 th of Apr!
makiueda Opening at ATSUKOBAROUH - this friday, on personal odour and mind, https://t.co/lZkD9YJ2ZU
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